It has always been a topic of discussion that which website platform is good for your SEO. HTML is considered quite powerful as well as effective coding language. On the other hand, CMS stands for Content Management System and one of the important things to get in case you are going to have a new or updated version of your website. Hire only the best SEO Company in Noida to have the best results. Let us check it out how HTML website gets higher rank easily in comparison of CMS-

How HTML Website Can Easily Rank-

  • Having the name of all pages going with descriptive and keyword-rich URLs also work a lot to bring you on top in Search Engine. HTML makes easier to change URL of any page even manually too. It means the page can easily be created by understanding the reader and search engines.
  • It allows utilizing the Tag which can help to have a great SEO of your official site. You can name your tag descriptively and go with relevant keywords. You need to keep in mind that HTML code is followed by the tag too. Going with these tags in tandem are considered simple basic SEO principles. But the fact cannot be ignored that they are quite powerful.
  • Meta Descriptions can easily be added and it holds a huge impact on SEO. It can boost your page to the next level. Long-tail keywords, as well as Key phrases, play a major role to fetch more traffic.
  • Unique and informative content is required. To put in simple words, naturally added keywords and key phrases can make your readers know that they are at the right place.

CMS and SEO –

If you are going to have a new website or just want to update the older one, you required to consider the ideal content management system. If you are going with CMS instead of HTML, make sure things are making such as adding content, updating new articles and blogs on the site, images so that SEO can bring the required results. Talking about the popular content management system, these are –

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Blogger
  • Magento

You should also consider important points before choosing the ideal CMS as per your business requirement. Some of the important have been mentioned below –

  • The functionality of adding H1 tags, page titles, and meta descriptions
  • Do check “Page templates” to know if it is going with your business needs
  • Check what kind of add-ons, plugins, and modules you require
  • If you are allowed to use Alt attributes in respect of images

A CMS must have some important SEO features such as On-page/content SEO, Social Media Integration, Technical SEO, Website Access Control, User Experience, Analytics, etc. Moreover, experts can suggest this in the right way according to your business needs. You should discuss with them before finalizing anything as it is all about your business requirements.

Conclusion –

In case, you are running busy, it would be ideal to discuss with the experts. They will guide you in a proper and accurate manner.