Whether you are trying to kick off your new official site or a blog site, you expect to get appeared in the top-ranking position in SERP. However, it needs to understand that everything takes time. As per the Best Seo Agency in Delhi, it does not occur overnight. It needs a sophisticated SEO strategy and stipulated time. Moreover, it also needs to create a certain amount of quality links.

According to the experts, not all links are equal. You may not believe but some backlinks can bring more value to you in Google Search. In this context, the importance of Google Search cannot be ignored at all.

Dofollow Links and Their SEO Value –

Dofollow Links are actually considered as an HTML attribute used to allow search bots to follow the links. Your users and Search Engine Bots can easily follow you in case if a webmaster is linking to your website along with Dofollow link. Your website will fetch a High Page Rank, as people will keep visiting your site.

Google does hold the data of Dofollow links and other figures that how many users are actually linking to your page. It helps Google know how your page is doing at the forefront. How your page is doing well and how many people are on your page? To put in simple words, your page’s value will keep increasing as per the number of your Dofollow links.

The ideal way to impart the following link is by using the keyword as the anchor text. It means you can have Dofollow Link from anywhere easily. However, you also need to emphasize how to achieve a follow link to form a reputable website. Having a follow link from the reputed site can enhance the reputation of your website. In short, it can be said that Dofollow links are actually the link play a major role to enhance the Page Rank to achiever more SEO points. Moreover, boost links juices is responsible to lead towards making your site highly ranked in SERP.

Nofollow Links and SEO Significance –

As the name suggests, “Nofollow” links actually do not allow SEB to follow your links. It means people can only go with your links. Moreover, these links do not pass on link juice. They are not useful to enhance your rank. Nofollow links are also not helpful in the context of enhancing website ranking. Moreover, it does not have any SEO value. It is not counted as a link.

However, it does not mean that it cannot bring traffic to your site. According to the experts, it can fetch more traffic to you. It would be helpful if you go-ahead to use the Nofollow link, HTML Tag. It would not leave negative affect to your site at all.

Conclusion –

The best thing is that Search Engines also do respect this Tag. It means Nofollow Tag could be helpful for your SEO to some extent.