It is important to stay aware of the on-going updates so that you can take your site in the right direction. Moreover, heavy traffic could also be achieved. Most people do avoid knowing the Google Algorithm as it seems complex.

Google keeps introducing a variety of changes to its ranking algorithm. Some updates are tiny tweaks while some are major ones. It is quite important to get to know what kind of changes have been done so that penalties could be avoided.

Recently Prominent Updates of Google Algorithm

In this section, we are going to emphasize it. The thing cannot be ignored that Google’s algorithms are quite complicated. It used to churn out the data following its search index and committed to impart outstanding results for a query. The search engine always goes with a combination of an algorithm as well as numerous ranking signals to impart webpages ranked following relevance on its SERPs.

  • Core Update –

Core update is indeed one of the most important Google algorithm updates. Google also introduced a “core” updated but it came up with limited details. Studies say that some prominent UK publishers did report regarding heavy losses because of following this core update. In short, it can be said that the impact was quite smaller in comparison to the August “Medic” update. 

  • Site Diversity Update –

The next on the list is Site Diversity Update. Google also pre-announced an updated regarding “site diversity”. Would not you prefer to get to know about the motto of this update? The motto behind bringing this update at the forefront was improving the situations where a site used to have more than two organic listings. Moz Data also comes up with the information that it brought only relatively small change while it was being imagined a bit more.

  • Indexing Bugs –

Moreover, the next on the list is indexing Bugs. Moreover, the first bug was actually reported to keep new content from being completely indexed. MozCast also introduced unusually high SERO flux from May 23-25. But it was not clear that it was directly associated with the bugs.

  • Dropped Pages Bug –

Google also informed about a Dropped Page Bugs from the search index around the weekend of April 5th. Fortunately, most sites did recovery soon after. According to the Moz Data, it was dropped on April 5th and 7th along with the 4% of stable URLs falling off of page one.

Moreover, Google has also announced that it would be rolling out of the September 2019 core update very soon since it has already started. This announcement was actually made following Search Laison Twitter Handle.

Conclusion –

I hope the above-mentioned information would be helpful to you. To get great traffic on the site, you need to stay aware of the Google Updates.