Are you feeling lost in competition and badly need some actionable tips for getting started with digital marketing? You are not a leading company that can hire a lot of digital marketers to stay ahead with the latest tips. Your knowledge is your weapon. After reading this guide, you can beat your competition. 

  1. Investing in Multiple Platforms

Many rookie startups make a common mistake of putting all eggs in multiple baskets with only small experience. You set up a PPC campaign, several social media campaigns, and a strict blogging schedule. But the problem is that over half of social media platforms have been overlooked. The lesson you should learn is – less is more. Consistency and focus must be your primary goals. A lot of business owners rush to do everything at once.

  • Make your presence in social media

A lot of small businesses know the importance of social media. But a lot of beginners take it too seriously and try to be everywhere at the same time. You should be aimed to make your presence on social media. You need to focus on a few platforms initially that you are good at. Don’t waste your time on a social media platform that doesn’t have your audience.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is quite a new concept in digital marketing. It can be a powerful tool if it is done well. Rather than marketing to your audience, you need to inspire influential people to get the words out. Influencers are the strongest referrals for your business.

  • Email Marketing

An email list is literally one of the most responsive and important assets for your company. Unlike your fans and followers on social media, you own the list of your emails. A lot of your competitors may not be thinking about this thing. Having a strong social following is vital. But email marketing is the best way to turn cold prospects into customers.

  • SEO

Every small business may have heard of SEO. Many business owners just ignore it considering that it’s time-consuming and complex. But SEO is still the best way to attract leads to your website in an organic way.

  • PPC

A lot of businesses spend a lot of paid advertising to attract some traffic. But without having a long-term SEO strategy and sales funnel, they start relying on PPC to drive most sales. This way, you can create an appealing and relevant offer, great content, and targeted ads to attract people to your site.

  • Spending on User Experience

Improving the user experience (UX) is a great way to grab attention. There are different things you should work on –

  • Content on your site
  • Amazing user interface
  • Communication channels you prefer
  • Loading speed on your site
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Simple tone
  • Chatbots to help improve communication

You should learn about the target audience to make the right choices for those aspects.